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Save time and energy with our in-house professionals so you can focus on what matters. Use these services for your new hosting service or apply them to an existing account.

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Site Doctor

Problems caused by hackers, malware, viruses or spam are unavoidable. Fortunately, our experts are able to quickly diagnose and fix issues that arise, protecting your online presence and reputation.

With Site Doctor, you can expect:

  • Security Scan

    Comprehensive examination of your entire account for malicious code.

  • Malware Extraction

    Complete removal of any and all corrupt files or code we locate.

  • Software Update

    Thorough check to ensure only the latest, most secure versions of MOJO Marketplace software is utilized.

  • Security Consultation

    We discuss potential vulnerabilities and offer tips on securing your websites against future attacks.

  • Comprehensive Backups

    Every change made is logged and account backups are prepared allowing for restorations if needed.

  • Guaranteed Results

    We promise a clean site for 30 days and within that time we will promptly address any recurring issue at no additional cost.